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Sweden Holidays

Stockholm sunset - VisitSweden

Baltic Travel Company offer holidays in Sweden that cover a range of activities, attractions and sights. If you haven’t been to Sweden, then a short break to Stockholm is a great place to start. It is truly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Built on 14 islands, the city blends natural and architectural beauty together with history and modern culture, to provide a memorable experience for visitors in this city of archipelagos. Today there is even an Abba Museum for those of us who love their history and music. We can recommend you to visit Stockholm in summer as well as winter. When you visit Stockholm you can enjoy the Nordic atmosphere and enjoy Stockholm attractions, Stockholm City Centre with the Old Town with amazing Architecture, a Stockholm Weekend Break and should you wish to extend your stay or come to see the outstanding Northern Lights in Sweden for truly spectacular Sweden Winter Holidays.

Combine Stockholm with a visit to the island of Gotland. A short flight or ferry ride will connect you to Visby, where you can explore the charming town and beautiful beaches and you will see why Ingmar Bergman lived and made films here.  

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We offer some self drive holidays that feature manor houses and outdoor activities such as cycling, canoeing and walking, also including neighbouring Aland that is truly something. Swedes have worked hard to incorporate nature in to the demands of modern society. This is reflected in architecture, city planning, dining of gourmet standard and accessibility of nature. The Nordic countries are increasinly popular and to Visit Stockholm and Visit Sweden is a must and should be on the so called bucket list. 

Sweden is also a winter destination, which features the original Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi and an excellent ski resort, Are, which has become a regular stop on the World Cup ski racing circuit. There are also plenty of opportunities for winter activities beyond the Arctic Circle, such as dog sledding, snow shoeing and snow mobile rides. Throughout the season you can also view the Northern Lights in Sweden, the further north the better and the clearer the skies, amazing Lights can appear. Sweden Winter Holidays are also increasingly in demand and can truly be recommended. This can even be recommended in combination with a Stockholm weekend break with a Stockholm City break, Stockholm Attractions and the stylish Stockholm City centre as a backdrop. Don't wait, call us. At Christmas time we can also recommend Christmas markets in Stockholm where you can enjoy glogg, the Swedish form for vin chaud and mulled wine to stay warm while exploring this great Nordic city. 

Take a look at some our suggested itineraries or contact us and we can tailor a Sweden holiday to match your interests, whether you Visit Stockholm or outside, possibly Gothenburg with equally stylish design hotels and gourmet with Nordic Cuisine.

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Holiday Packages

Inside the Stockholm Archipelago

This self-guided cycling and hiking tour will take you inside the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago. You will pass through national parks, exceptional beaches and hidden lagoons where you can enjoy a swim from the cliffs and stay overnight in the charming island villages of Uto and Dalaro. This holiday is absolutely perfect for couples, friends or families who wants an active holiday living the simple island life close to nature but still enjoying a warm bed at night.

Type: Coastal Holiday | Cycling Holiday | Individual Tour | Summer holiday | Country Holiday | Activity Holiday | City Break | Family Holiday | Romantic/Honeymoon | Tailor Made Holiday | Solo Traveller | Group Tour
6 days / 5 nights
from £1,090 pp

Northern Highlights & St. Petersburg

The Norwegian fjords have become the top priority on many people's bucket list over the recent years. This escorted tour gives you a deep insight into the life, culture and nature in and around the Norwegian fjords, alongside the Swedish countryside and capital Stockholm, Helsinki in Finland, andgives you time to get acquainted with the Pearl of Eastern Europe, St. Petersburg. Travelling by first class coach, train and cruise ship, you take in the magnificent sceneries from both land and sea.

Type: Summer holiday | Luxury Holiday | Guided Tour | Country Holiday | Family Holiday
15 days/14 nights
from £4,185 pp

Scandinavian Capitals Fly-Drive

Enjoy all three capitals of Scandinavia, including Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm and stop by Gothenburg on on your way through. Enjoy all that Scandinavia has to offer from museums, new nordic food, historic landmarks and breathtaking scenery…

Welcome to our world!

Type: Fly-Drive | Summer holiday | Individual Tour | Family Holiday | Gourmet Holiday | Coastal Holiday | Romantic/Honeymoon | Tailor Made Holiday | Country Holiday | Solo Traveller
10 days / 9 nights
from £1,370 pp

Stockholm City Breaks

Stockholm is a fantastic Northern city, worth visiting summer and winter: just dress for the weather. The city boasts attractions situated within a very short distance so you can easily walk or cycle and see the King's Castle near the Old Town. Stockholm has amazing views of the waterside from many locations. The architecture, art, culture and Now-Nordic gourmet on offer is truly outstanding. In the summer the Midnight Sun or in the winter go skating in the city centre.

Type: City Break | Weekend Break | Family Holiday | Individual Tour | Romantic/Honeymoon | Christmas Holiday | Summer holiday | Winter Holiday | Gourmet Holiday | Tailor Made Holiday | New Year Break | Solo Traveller
4 days / 3 nights or more
from £380 pp

Baltic Sea Capitals Cruise

Combine an exciting city break with an eventful cruise onboard the luxurious vessels of Tallink Silja. The city break destinations of Tallink Silja - Riga, Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn - all have their own special charm and offer different interesting activities, happenings, sights and shopping alternatives.

Type: Cruise | City Break | Family Holiday | Individual Tour | Summer holiday | Winter Holiday | Coastal Holiday | Romantic/Honeymoon | Tailor Made Holiday | Solo Traveller | New Year Break
7 days / 6 nights
from £865 pp

Grand Scandinavia Tour - Escorted

This tour gives you a more extensive insight into Scandinavian culture, city-life and nature as you travel through Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The tour incorporates overnight cruises, scenic coach tours, grand countryside views, large vibrant cities and a close-up look at Norway's spectacular and breathtaking fjords and glaciers.

Type: Summer holiday | Guided Tour | Country Holiday | Luxury Holiday | Romantic/Honeymoon | Solo Traveller | Family Holiday | Individual Tour | Group Tour
15 days / 14 nights
from £3,595 pp

Idyllic Sweden

Our Idyllic Sweden & Denmark holiday will take you from the pulsating city of Copenhagen for a round trip in the southern region of Sweden with its varied nature, great cultural life, local produce and interesting history. This is the perfect tour for those how would like to have a relaxed holiday with the opportunity to make small stops along the road without a busy schedule.  

Type: Fly-Drive | Summer holiday | Family Holiday | Individual Tour | Country Holiday | Activity Holiday | Romantic/Honeymoon | Tailor Made Holiday | Coastal Holiday | Solo Traveller
10 days / 9 nights
from £1,455 pp

Stockholm - Gotland Combo

Welcome to “the Pearl of the Baltic Sea”. The Hanseatic Island of Gotland offers a great variety of beautiful nature, long white beaches, historical buildings and the famous ‘Raukar’ - stone columns created by natural erosion. No matter which type of traveler you are we are confident that you will find your own Gotland-favorite.

Type: Coastal Holiday | City Break | Individual Tour | Summer holiday | Country Holiday | Family Holiday | Romantic/Honeymoon | Tailor Made Holiday | Activity Holiday | Gourmet Holiday | Solo Traveller
5 days / 4 nights
from £735 pp

Scandinavian Capitals & Norwegian Fjords - Escorted

This tour is guaranteed to give you a unique experience of Scandinavia. Featuring the capitals of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, as well as the Scandinavian fjords, mountains and waterfalls alsongside the hospitality and culture of the locals you will meet aling the way.  You will also spend time in charming Bergen, the only city in the world surrounded by 7 mountains and 7 fjords.

Type: Guided Tour | Summer holiday | Family Holiday | Romantic/Honeymoon | Solo Traveller
11 days / 10 nights
from £1,685 pp

Scandinavian Capitals Deluxe - Escorted

This guaranteed departure tour is an excellent way to get to know the best of Scandinavia. Visit the four fascinating Nordic capitals; Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo, whilst staying in top class hotels. The tour includes three nights on a cruise ship.

Type: Guided Tour | Summer holiday | Luxury Holiday | Romantic/Honeymoon | Solo Traveller | New Year Break | Family Holiday | Group Tour
9 days / 8 nights
from £2,135 pp

Grand Tour of Scandinavia & St. Petersburg

Our Grand Tour of Scandinavia and St Petersburg includes all the highlights of Scandinavia, including two cruises, one in Kattegat, and one in the Baltic Sea. You will experience the Norwegian fjords alongside the vibrant capitals of the Northern region and St Petersburg, located at the head of the Finnish Gulf on the Baltic Sea. This fully escorted tour will leave you with memories to last a lifetime, and an urge to go back and explore more.

Type: Summer holiday | Guided Tour | Group Tour | Cruise
18 days / 17 nights
from £4,765 pp

Sweden Ice Hotel Adventure

This holiday combines a stay in the charming capital Stockholm, followed by an overnight train journey up North where you have the opportunity to enjoy an Arctic experience at Sweden's famous Ice Hotel. An absolutely outstanding experience people of all ages.

Type: Winter Holiday | Northern Lights | Individual Tour | Romantic/Honeymoon | Activity Holiday | Family Holiday | Christmas Holiday | Country Holiday | Tailor Made Holiday | Luxury Holiday | Weekend Break | New Year Break | Solo Traveller
6 days / 5 nights
from £1,110 pp

Swedish Lapland Glamping

Glamping, also known as glamous camping is a new global trend of camping, where the tent has already been pitched, the bonfire has been lit and your sleepingbag has been rolled out for you. On this Aurora Safari in Swedish Lapland glamorous camping winter holiday you will enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities such as snow shoeing, snow mobiling, husky safari, Ice Breaker cruise and maybe with the company of the Northern Lights and overnight in a traditional Lavvu tent and the famous Tree Hotel.

Type: Northern Lights | Winter Holiday | Activity Holiday | Romantic/Honeymoon | Country Holiday | Individual Tour | Solo Traveller
6 days/5 nights
from £2,085

Sense of Gotland Fly-Drive

Combine a city break in Stockholm with a visit to the historic and scenic island Gotland. Stockholm is a very trendy city situated on the Stockhom archipelago, a network of more than 24,000 island and inlets on the western shores of the Baltic Sea. Gotland is an exclusive destination of unique scenic beauty and rare atmosphere.

Type: Coastal Holiday | Fly-Drive | Summer holiday | Individual Tour | Country Holiday | Romantic/Honeymoon | Tailor Made Holiday | Family Holiday | Solo Traveller
7 days / 6 nights
from £1,400 pp

Baltic Cruise Holiday

Combine the two fascinating Nordic capitals, Stockholm and Helsinki and cross the Baltic Sea by spending a night on a cruise ship in the exticing Nordic region. 

Type: Cruise | City Break | Family Holiday | Individual Tour | Romantic/Honeymoon | Weekend Break | Summer holiday | Winter Holiday | Coastal Holiday | Tailor Made Holiday | Christmas Holiday | New Year Break | Solo Traveller
4 days / 3 nights
from £655 pp

Opera Weekend in Stockholm

A long weekend of history, museums, parks and architecture in Sweden's beautiful and sophisticated capital Stockholm with Mozart’s opera ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ in the Baroque Court Theatre in Drottningholm.

Type: Opera Tour | Summer holiday | City Break | Luxury Holiday | Solo Traveller
4 days/3 nights
from £ 1,590 pp