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Riga – A Magical and Inspiring City of the Baltic Region!

Posted on March 12th, 2012.

Riga is the capital city of Latvia which is elegantly situated in the Baltic region. This is the largest city in Baltic States and is about 800 years old. It is a blend of modern and medieval eras. The city was originally built by German crusaders and the churches were built in Romanesque and Gothic styles. The city has the most distinct Art Nouveau Buildings all around and is in fact called Europe’s capital of Art Nouveau. Riga’s largest building project of the Latvian National Library “Gaismas Pils” (means The Castle of Light) is under construction. St. George Church, Mentzendorff’s House, Cinema “Riga”, The Powder Tower, National Museum of Fine Arts, Swedish Gate, Riga Dome Cathedral, Alberta Street, Church of Maria-Magdalen are architectural masterpieces of the city. These places have an astonishing history to their credit. This is one of the most recommended tourist spot which has a number of unique places to visit.

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Old Town in Riga is a huge hub for shopping. Local crafts, foodstuff and alcohol are available at a comparatively lower cost from the rest of Europe. Many malls have also been set up in recent times. Baltic jewellery, and silk scarves with the art nouveau designs are some of the famous items sold here. Coming to the weather conditions, Riga has extreme cold winters and warm and humid summers. According to the tourists Riga is a city of parks, small Paris and the city of beautiful women. Jurmala beach resort adds charm to the city. The city’s night life constantly has a number of music concerts, film festivals, bars & clubs and some finest restaurants in Europe. Riga has a famous and one of the busiest seaports in Europe. It is situated along the river Daugava. It is even said that the city is named after the tributary of this river called Riege.

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Riga also has a number of oldest and famous bridges namely the Railway Bridge, the Stone Bridge and the Island Bridge. The transportation is facilitated by the operation of trams, buses, trains and trolleybuses. The city can bring pleasure for people with a variety of tastes. Riga International Airport is the largest airport in the Baltic States. Cheap flights and hotels with good service are available in Riga. What else can stop you from visiting this beautiful city?

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