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Vilnius – The City of Beauty!

Posted on April 6th, 2012.

Vilnius is one of the largest cities in Baltic States and it is the capital of Lithuania. The name of the city originated from Vilnia River. Vilnius underwent a rapid growth and emerged as a modern city in Europe. Most of its buildings were renovated. ‘New City Centre’ has been built for business and commercial purposes. Europa Tower is one of the famous buildings in this city. The city elegantly situated along the sides of two rivers called Vilnia and Neris Rivers. The city has an interesting pastime called the ice-fishing. The climatic conditions are similar to the other places in the Baltic region which has extremely cold winters and hot summers. The city has 65 churches. The city has many historic and cultural sites. The city of Vilnius has different styles of architecture. Vilnius is called Baroque city. The Old Town of Vilnius was listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. Royal Palace of Lithuania is one of the major historic sites in the city.

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Lithuanian Art Museum has a great art collection. Gediminas Tower, St. Anne’s Church and Cathedral Square are some of the important religious sites in the city. Vilnius annually hosts the largest book fair in Baltic States. The city hosts many trade fairs, partying, music, movies, theatre, art and many other events. Vilnius is one of the major contributor and largest financial centers in the Baltic States. The city is a big Sports hub. In Vilnius the transportation is facilitated by Rail route, motorways and public transport systems. Three Crosses Hill is one of the famous tourist spot in this city.

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Frank Zappa Statue is the first statue in the world that was built in remembrance and in honor of a great musician. Hot air balloon tour is a well known tourist activity in this region. The city is famous for amber, Lithuanian alcohol, wool socks and cap cigarettes and flax ware. Vilnius has a number of delicious restaurants and has a number of pubs and bars. Dawn Gate is also an important tourist spot. The city of Vilnius offers great pleasures to the tourists all over the world.

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