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Spa in the Baltic Countries

Posted on February 20th, 2012.

When you feel your body at ease, your mind gets lightened up. ‘The body is an instrument, the mind its function’ says a popular quote. Yes, nothing can conflict with this truth. Experiencing at a spa, that too in places like Baltic countries gives immense pleasure. In Latvia the most recommended spas are located in the town of Jurmala. There are a wide range of relaxation techniques and treatments available. Economical as well as five star and luxury spas are available here. You can choose your destination according to your requirement. You can have a long walk at the white sand beach nearby and enjoy the scenic gift of nature. Many bars, pubs and café are also present along the costal side. These coastal spa resorts sometimes overflow with tourists and hence are to be booked well in advance. Lielupe River is yet another beauty of this place. These resorts are jammed with sea and river on either sides and which serves as a great treat to the eyes.

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If you are visiting Estonia, don’t leave the place without having a spa holiday. Tallinn and Pärnu are the places that have the best spas in the country. The luxury spas are located on the coastal areas of the white sand beach and are lined up with linden trees. Mud therapy centers are a major tourist attraction here. The spa tradition in Lithuania dates back to centuries. These spas offer top notch treatments and therapies done by experienced professionals. The peaty mud, pure water and the climate are the main ingredients for the massage treatment done here. Health tourism here is is very prominent in these regions.

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Treatments for heart, nervous system, spine, digestive, gynecological and skin aliments are done here. Good care is given to the patients and many delicate aliments are treated. This gives great relief to body and mind. Palanga and Druskininkai are the coastal towns that have the best spas in the region. Every place has its unique way of treating its customers and all aimed in customer satisfaction and relaxation. Whatever Baltic state you visit, along with the Art Nouveau architecture never miss to enjoy the spa holiday and give your mind and body a time to relax. You are what your mind says and your mind is what your body says.

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