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Incredible Places of Attraction in Palanga!

Posted on May 3rd, 2012.

Palanga is located on the shore side of Baltic Sea. It is a resort town with a number of busiest resorts along the beach and some attractive sand dunes. Some years ago the TiÅ¡kevičiai Palace’s park was rehabilitated into a botanical garden. Now this botanical garden consists of two hundred diverse types of trees as well as shrubs. The palace was transformed into Palanga Amber Museum. This museum has wide range amber jewelry and many other artifact collections. Symphonic concerts and music festivals are held during summers. Palanga is the place where the Å ventoji and Raze rivers run into the Baltic Sea. The name Palanga was derived from Alanga (Raze) River. The transportation is only by means of road way and there is no rail route. More number of flights is operated in summer from June to September in order to meet the demand of tourist’s heading to the resort town.

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A carnival is centered on Jonas Basanavičius Street during summer season. Since the place is located near the sea shore it has a very pleasant climate. A number of good restaurants, bars, rides are available here. Many other forms of entertainment also exist in Palanga. Sculptures Garden is a major attraction in this place. It houses 28 modern Art statues by artists throughout the world. The statues by the artists of Armenia, Lithuania and Ukraine are also present. There are many Spa’s located in this region that offer good service. Basanavicius street is the busiest street where the most restaurants, bars and clubs are located.

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Going around the Palanga pier at evening times gives a peaceful evening walk. Birute Hill is a forested sand dune which is also an important tourist destination. Things made of amber are very famous in this coastal area. Artistic items and jewelry are the two things that attract the tourists. This kind of beach with white sand and dunes can be seen nowhere else along the Baltic Seacoast. The place is surrounded by a few fishermen’s village. The Church of Saint Mary is also a significant tourist spot.

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