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Weather In Southern Norway

By CH www.visitnorway.com

Southern Norway is known for its scenic beauty found in the beautiful villages by the coast, the bubbling city life in the capital Oslo, and the majestic fjords. From the zoo in Krisitansand to the fjord region in Lysefjord, the sights to see and experience in Southern Norway are linitless. Planning a trip according to the weather and climate can help prevent any setbacks.

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Southern Norway In The Summer

Summer is pleasant and warm, and the southern region of Norway is where summer sets in as a distinct season. The summer season in Norway lasts from the end of June to the middle of August. The season is stable, with warm and bright days, long days. A positive aspect of the summer in southern Norway is that the days are not humid, so travelling around and sightseeing is a pleasant experience. Swimming is a popular activity in southern Norway during the summers. Tourists should plan a visit to the coastal regions to make the most of the weather. 

Autumn In Southern Norway

Autumn in southern Norway comes in the months of September and October. The weather can be stormy, with a lot of rain. Places close to the coast remain warmer than the inland regions. Crisp air and beautiful landscapes are a trademark of the season. The season is a good time to visit the various national parks, and nature lovers can also enjoy berry hunting and mushroom hunting trips. River rafting is an exciting activity that one can also enjoy during this season.

A Winter Holiday In Southern Norway

Snow storms are a common feature of winter in southern Norway. The temperatures drop drastically and it can be very cold, but beautiful. The coastal areas experience a comparatively milder winter season, but it is important to be prepared for gales, storms and rains in these parts as well. The season lasts from the end of November to early April. Winter sports are the main attraction of this season. Cross-country skiing is especially popular with both tourists and locals alike, and since skiing is one of the biggest tourism attractions in the region, there are several prepared trails and slopes with varying degrees of difficulty. One can also try out ice skating on the lakes or outdoor rinks as well as participating in kite skiing classes. One can also rent snowmobiles, and explore the wilderness. Reindeer safari trips are very popular and one can also visit the reindeer herding regions in these areas to experience the culture of raising herds first-hand.

Springtime In Southern Norway

The season comes to Southern Norway sooner than other parts of the country, in the month of April. The weather gets warme,r and the region gets lighter each day. Trees and flowers are in full-bloom in the season. To experience the beauty of Norway's spring, visit a farm where you can witness lambs being born and other springtime activities in full swing. Picnics on the grasslands, visiting monuments and museums, and long nature walks are most popular in this season.

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Holidays that feature Weather In Southern Norway

Geirangerfjord by Per Eide - VisitNorway
Type: Guided Tour | Summer holiday | Solo Traveller | Anniversary | Group Tour
8 days / 7 nights
from £2,095 pp

Fjords of Norway - Escorted

This escorted coach tour focuses on Southern Norway and features the Sogne Fjord, Hardanger Fjord, Geiranger Fjord, a ride on the famous Flam Railway, a visit to Birksdal Glacier and the charming coastal city of Bergen


Photo by Marte Kopperud for Visit Norway
Type: Fly-Drive | Summer holiday | Coastal Holiday | Individual Tour | Solo Traveller | Country Holiday | Anniversary
10 days / 9 nights
from £1,265 pp

Majestic Fjords

Our Majestic Fjords of Norway holiday is a self drive holiday and focuses on Norway's spectacular nature, featuring the breathtaking fjords. You will experience the world renowned Geiranger Fjord, the Hardanger Fjord, often called "Queen of the Fjords" and the Sagafjord. Oslo, picturesque Bergen, Art Nouveau city Alesund and the former Olympic city Lillehammer are also some of the highlights on this self drive holiday.

Photo by Terje Rakke for Visit Norway
Type: Guided Tour | Summer holiday | Solo Traveller | Anniversary | Group Tour | Family Holiday | Individual Tour | Honeymoon
11 days / 10 nights
from £2,050 pp

Scandinavian Capitals & Norwegian Fjords - Escorted

This tour is guaranteed to give you a unique experience of Scandinavia. Featuring the capitals of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, as well as the Scandinavian fjords, mountains and waterfalls alsongside the hospitality and culture of the locals you will meet aling the way.  You will also spend time in charming Bergen, the only city in the world surrounded by 7 mountains and 7 fjords.

Photo by Visit Norway
Type: Fly-Drive | Summer holiday | Individual Tour | Family Holiday | Country Holiday | Solo Traveller | Tailor Made Holiday | Anniversary
8 days / 7 nights
from £990 pp

Norwegian Panorama Fly-Drive

Experience the diversity of Norway - from the inland with its forests to the dramatic coastal scenery, from high mountains to deep fjords from the Norwegian capital, to small, cosy villages. Highlights during this holiday are the Atlantic Ocean Road, the Troll Road, Geiranger Fjord, Trondheim - Norway's former capital, Roros - The UNESCO listed mining town and Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Photo by Frithjof Fure
Type: Summer holiday | Activity Holiday | Guided Tour
5 days / 4 nights
from £1,025 pp

The Best of Mountains & Fjords

Only a few places in the world can offer a similar landscape like the spectacular fjords of Western Norway. The pristine mountains rise steeply from the fjords with thundering, huge waterfalls cascading down their sides. Along the fjord you can see multiple unique farmyards, a reminder of a time when the fjord was the most important transport route in the area.

Photo by Fjord Norway Type: Individual Tour | Summer holiday | Solo Traveller | Country Holiday
9 days / 8 nights
from £1,585 pp

Classic Norway Tour

This eco-friendly tour takes you round the highlights of Norway by train, coach and ship with the opportunity to meet local Norwegians. From the Winter Olympic town of Lillehammer, through the mountains to Alesund, along the coastal fjords to Bergen and back to Oslo, you will get a first hand experience of Norway's spectacular scenery. With this eco-friendly tour you will discover the scenic nature of Norway including Geiranger fjord and the Rauma Railway.

Photo by Terje Rakke
Type: Summer holiday | Guided Tour | Group Tour | Country Holiday | Solo Traveller | Anniversary
18 days / 17 nights
from £4,765 pp

Grand Tour of Scandinavia & St. Petersburg

Our Grand Tour of Scandinavia and St Petersburg includes all the highlights of Scandinavia, including two cruises, one in Kattegat, and one in the Baltic Sea. You will experience the Norwegian fjords alongside the vibrant capitals of the Northern region and St Petersburg, located at the head of the Finnish Gulf on the Baltic Sea. This fully escorted tour will leave you with memories to last a lifetime, and an urge to go back and explore more.

Photo by Ice Hotel Type: Winter Holiday | Activity Holiday | Family Holiday | Northern Lights
6 days / 5 nights
from £TBA pp

Norway Winter Fun & Ice Hotel

This winter holiday features an overnight stay in the Ice Hotel near Lillehammer. Spend time exploring Lillehammer the home of the 1994 Winter Olympics and also the home of one of the best ski resorts in Norway. You will also spend a full day at the Hunderfossen Family Park. The last days of your holiday are spent enjoying the buzzing metropolis life of Norway's capital, Oslo which boasts with an abundance of museums, parks, shops, cafés and leisure activities for the whole family.

Photo by Ola Ericson by Visit Sweden
Type: Guided Tour | Summer holiday | Luxury Holiday | Honeymoon | Solo Traveller | Group Tour | Anniversary | Individual Tour
9 days / 8 nights
from £2,195 pp

Scandinavian Capitals Deluxe - Escorted

This guaranteed departure tour is an excellent way to get to know the best of Scandinavia. Visit the four fascinating Nordic capitals; Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo, whilst staying in top class hotels. The tour includes three nights on a cruise ship.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden. Photo by Visit Sweden
Type: Fly-Drive | Summer holiday | Individual Tour | Tailor Made Holiday | Solo Traveller | Family Holiday | Honeymoon | Anniversary
10 days / 9 nights
from £995 pp

Scandinavian Capitals Fly-Drive

Enjoy all three capitals of Scandinavia, including Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm and stop by Gothenburg on on your way through. Enjoy all that Scandinavia has to offer from museums, shopiing, new nordic cuisine, historic landmarks, breathtaking sceney, Viking history and friendly locals.

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Geilo Ski area by Innovation Norway Type: Winter Holiday | Activity Holiday | Family Holiday | Solo Traveller
5 days / 4 nights
from £550 pp

Winter Activity Holiday Norway

Geilo has attracted tourists for over 100 years. It is a charming, traditional Norwegian mountain village located 800 meters above sea level. The resort offers a wide range of winter holiday activities, such as downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating and more. You can also experience the world famous Flam Railway on a day trip form Geilo.

Pulpit Rock by VisitNorway Type: Individual Tour | Summer holiday | Train Journey | Coastal Holiday | Country Holiday | Solo Traveller
8 days / 7 nights
from £1,365 pp

A Taste of Norway

This tour includes many highlights in Southern Norway, such as the Oslo - Bergen 'Norway in a Nutshell' tour, the Hardangervidda mountain Plateau, Sognefjord, the Flåm Railway, Bergen - the capital of the fjords and Stavanger. I eight days you will get 'a taste' of this magnificent country while exploring the southern region of Norway.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen by Visit Denmark
Type: Summer holiday | Guided Tour | Country Holiday | Luxury Holiday | Solo Traveller | Group Tour | Anniversary
15 days / 14 nights
from £3,795 pp

Grand Scandinavia Tour - Escorted

This tour gives you a more extensive insight into Scandinavian culture, city-life and nature as you travel through Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The tour incorporates overnight cruises, scenic coach tours, grand countryside views, large vibrant cities and a close-up look at Norway's spectacular and breathtaking fjords and glaciers.

Tryvann by Terje Borud VisitNorway Type: Winter Holiday | Family Holiday | Individual Tour | Activity Holiday | Tailor Made Holiday
5 days / 4 nights
from £625 pp

Winter Family Fun in Norway

Spend an unforgettable winter holiday with your family in Lillehammer and Oslo, including a visit to Hunderfossen Winter Park.

Photo by Visit Norway
Type: Individual Tour | Activity Holiday | Summer holiday | Country Holiday | Tailor Made Holiday | Solo Traveller | Family Holiday | Guided Tour | Anniversary
8 days / 7 nights
from £1,695 pp

Active Fjord Experience

Combine a city break with adventurous activities in the great outdoors on our Active Fjord Experience! Explore Bergen, the gateway to the fjords, before continuing out in nature to challenge yourself and experience a once in a lifetime active holiday. Highlights are the Flåm Railway, a 11 km downhill bike ride, a thrilling fjord safari on a RIB-boat, a cruise on Sognefjord, White Water rafting and a glacier walk on the famous Jostedalen and Nigards Glaciers.

Photo by Radisson Trysil Type: Winter Holiday | Activity Holiday | Family Holiday | Tailor Made Holiday
8 days/7 nights
from £ 795 pp

Family Fun & Skiing in Trysil

This skiing holiday in Trysil, Norway combines all the winter fun with cabin style apartment accommodation. This is for all the outdoor lovers of any age with a keen interest in snow activities, snowboarding, cross-country and downhill skiing. For the youngest as well as the senior members of the family, we will be happy to arrange skiing school with our local certified skiing instructors.

Nordic walking by Elin Sandal
Type: Activity Holiday | Summer holiday | Weekend Break | Guided Tour | Coastal Holiday | Individual Tour
4 days / 3 nights
from £475 pp

Bergen Sightseeing & Nordic Walking

Combine an authentic Bergen city sightseeing holiday with Nordic Walking on this short break. Nordic Walking is a relatively new sport, but it has proven to be a very healthy sport, physically and mentally - and all age groups can participate. Nordic Walking allows you to explore the mountain trails surrounding Bergen with the diversity in the birdlife, flora and fauna in the only city in the world surrounded by 7 mountains and fjords.

Photo by Elin Sandal
Type: Activity Holiday | Summer holiday | City Break | Guided Tour | Tailor Made Holiday | Solo Traveller
7 days / 6 nights
from £1,395 pp

Nordic Walking in Norway

Nordic Walking is a relatively new sport but has proven to be a very healthy sport, physically and mentally - and all age groups can participate. It is highly recommended by the medical profession for its benefits.

Photo by Per Eide for Visit Norway
Type: Summer holiday | Luxury Holiday | Guided Tour | Anniversary | Group Tour
15 days/14 nights
from £4,465 pp

Northern Highlights & St. Petersburg

The Norwegian fjords have become the top priority on many people's bucket list over the recent years. This escorted tour gives you a deep insight into the life, culture and nature in and around the Norwegian fjords, alongside the Swedish countryside and capital Stockholm, Helsinki in Finland, andgives you time to get acquainted with the Pearl of Eastern Europe, St. Petersburg. Travelling by first class coach, train and cruise ship, you take in the magnificent sceneries from both land and sea.

Christmas Market by Christopher Haugelund for Visit Norway Type: City Break
4 days / 3 nights or more
From £550 pp

Oslo City Break

Oslo is one of the Nordic/Scandinavian cities that is definitely worth a visit in both summer and winter. All major attractions are located within a short distance and getting around by foot or bike (free to borrow) is easy. Oslo is known for its beautiful architecture, art, history, culture, roayl family and culinary experiences and all these are waiting to be explored by you alongside the splendid shopping in central Oslo.

By Terje Rakke Nordic Life AS  www.visitnorway.com By CH www.visitnorway.com

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