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Jasna Gora Monastery

Jasna Gora Monastery

Background of the Jasna Gora Monastery

Ths Jasna Gora Monastery is located in Czextochowa, Poland. The Monastery is the most famous shrine to Virgin Mary in the country. It is a valued place of pilgrimage in Poland and about 5 million people from various countries come every year to pay homage. The Jasna Gora, also known as the bright Mountain, is visited by numerous celebrities every year who come to pray before the Holy Lady or Our Lady of Czestochowa.

The Monastery is the third largest site of pilgrimage in the world for the Catholics and is also the national shrine of Poland. 

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Things to See

The Black Madonna or the ‘Our Lady of Czestochowa’ is the most important part of the monastery. Joined to the colossal Baroque church of 1695, the chapel houses the magnificent bell tower. The tower stands tall at 105 meters. At the top of the tower is a viewing gallery that offers expansive views of the monastery complex. The tower fell many times in the past and presently dates back to 1905, however, its bottom, which remained intact all the while, dates back to the 17th century.

The Baroque Church houses the magnificent Knight Hall and the brilliant 18th century library with a supreme collection of classics and books from the earlier times. The treasure house has unmatched collection of literary artifacts of artistic and historic importance. The monastery is known for three feast days, May 3, August 15 and 8th September, when huge numbers of people from different parts of the country and outside come to visit.

The Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa’s

The faithful believers believe that the picture of Virgin Mary was painted by St. Luke himself. Historians enthuse that the icon was initially Byzantine, dating back to the 6th century. The picture was repainted in the 15th century during the restoration of Krakow as tempera colors could not be mounted on the original wax paint. Miraculous powers have been attributed to the icon and this has been one of the main religious attractions for people from all over the world.

The icon is displayed on an altar in the Chapel of Black Madonna. The picture has Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus in her left arm. The intense look of Virgin Mary captivates the onlookers who believe that she is looking right back at them. The robe that she is wearing as well as the mantle is decorated with lilies, while baby Jesus is holding a bible in his hand. The image is displayed in a golden frame and embedded with hundreds of precious jewels. The altar is made out of ebony and silver, designed back in the mid seventeenth century. The altar, despite being a part of the Chapel, is separated from the chapel with the help of an iron screen that runs from floor to the ceiling. There are five other altars in the Chapel. Right next to the altar of Black Madonna is the Altar of the crucifix, which is also a great attraction for the religious pilgrims. The cross on the altar is said to date back to the early 15th century.

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Jasna Gora Monastery Jasna Gora Monastery

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